About Me

Who am I?

i'am a 20 years old guy, I am currently studying my bachelor in computer science with the general profile at the University of Copenhagen.


I have always had a big interest in tech, from my early life having fun with my Gameboy Color and throughout my teens having fun with friends online, also through games. After the introduction to tech through games and the inevitable encounter with tech in society and seen the impact it has on the world, become inspired. I have therefore decided that I want to be a part of the development of tech in our world and decided that computer science is the way to make an impact. This is the reason why I am studying computer science at UCPH, and have a great/broad interest in tech.


I have from as far as I remember always practiced some kind of sport. In my teenage years, I swam at an elite level and participated in the Danish championships. At the moment I like to train in various sports, the focus is being able to apply my athletic capabilities in the real world. I, therefore, like training for triathlons because it achieves the goal of enhancing my endurance. Another sport I like doing is Olympic weightlifting, because it engages the whole body and has a big focus on strength, which triathlon don't suport.

My blog

Why I have a blog?

My blog is where i write about my thought or opinions on stuff   that I find interesting enough to share. :)

Contact me

E-mail: mark.nicklas.brandt@gmail.com
Phone number: +45 93935228